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Crocodile walking safaris by Patrick Crawford
Game Viewing Diaries / 17 Sep 2018

Crocodile walking safaris by Patrick Crawford

Guide: Amon Zulu | Camp: Crocodile River Camp
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Patrick and Allison Crawford enjoyed a 5-day walking safari at Chikoko Tree Camp from the 17 – 21st of September. Both are extremely experienced walkers having visited us 14 times before. Patrick has shared a game viewing diary of their time in Crocodile River Camp along with some of his great photos – thank you Patrick!

Day 1

Walk Tafika to Crocodile.

Followed lion tracks and found four lions pretending to be a log. Watched them and moved on. The lions moved behind us as elephants came towards us but they veered off so we did not approach the lions.

Day 2

Walked toward lions calling but did not find them. At tea a herd of 11 wildebeest walked close to us and a herd of roan crossed further out – over 10 and both going to the river.

Day 3

Again, searched for lions without success. Had an excellent walk with lots of kudu, waterbuck warthogs and elephants. Tea overlooking the river. Impala and puku then waterbuck and kudu came down to drink. Lots of hippos baboon and carmines on a tree, fish eagle above the hippos on a tree stump and ground hornbills.Within 10m of a sleepy hyena under a sausage tree. Big male kudu in Big Lagoon.

Day 4

Walked away from the main river into dryer countryside. But lots of animals. Elephant in large numbers and lots of kudu, zebras and waterbuck. Later in the day a herd of 8 magnificent male kudu and lots of zebras. First hearing of the alarm call of a banded mongoose.

Day 5

Started with a bang and a scream at 6am as we were signing the visitor book. Vervet monkeys complaining and then a scream (impala – guide). In two minutes we were watching six painted dogs eating an impala.

Watched gradually getting closer for 25 minutes. Two zebras walked unconcerned past the carnage and then we left.

The dogs then left in single file – 30 minutes from kill to departure. Walk continued with giraffe and bateleur eagle. Having seen the roan two days before we selected a position and waited. First one wildebeest and then 21 roan came and after looking at us motionless for 10 minutes decided to go to the river passing close by us. We later counted 28 and a herd of wildebeest.

Two giant eagle owls and then more sightings of the wildebeest. Return to Tafika.

Another outstanding walk in the bush camps with the finale on the last day.

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