Access & Transfers


Tafika Camp Access Options:

Mfuwe International Airport:
1.5 - 2 hours drive through the Nsefu Sector
of the South Luangwa Park OR 15 minute
flight to Lukuzi Airstrip

Lukuzi Airstrip:
15 min. drive

Mwaleshi Camp:
flight to Mwaleshi Airstrip + 15 min. drive (50 min.)

Crocodile River Camp:
1 hour walk

Chikoko Tree Camp:
2 hour walk OR 25 min drive + 10 min. walk.

Crocodile River Camp Access Options:

Mfuwe International Airport:
1 hour walk + 1.5-2 hour drive OR 15 min. flight to Lukuzi Airstrip

Lukuzi Airstrip:

1 hour walk and 15 min. drive

Mwaleshi Camp:
flight to Mwaleshi Airstrip and 15 min. drive (1h50)

Tafika Camp:
1 hour walk

Chikoko Tree Camp:
2 hour leisurely walk

Chikoko Tree Camp Access Options:

Mfuwe International Airport:
10 min. walk and 2-2.5 hour drive OR 10 min. walk and 30 min. drive + 15 min. flight

Lukuzi Airstrip:

10 min. walk + 30 min. drive

Mwaleshi Camp:
10 min. walk + 30 min. drive + 40 min. flight +

Tafika Camp:
2 hour walk OR 10 min. walk + 25 min. drive

Chikoko Tree Camp:
2 hour leisurely walk

Mwaleshi Camp Access Options:

Lusaka International Airport:
2 hours 15 minute flight + 15 minute drive (2 hours 30 minutes)

Mfuwe International Airport:
45 minute flight + 15 minute drive (1 hour)

Lukuzi Airstrip:
35 minute flight + 15 minute drive (50 min.)

It is recommended that guests travelling to Tafika and Chikoko Trails book a 15-minute flight transfer from Mfuwe International Airport to Tafika Camp in place of the road transfer. This is available with Remote Africa's Cessna 210,RASair - for more information please view the flight info.

Flight Info


Scheduled daily flight services connect Lusaka, Livingstone and Mfuwe. Remote Africa Safaris are able to book seats on most domestic scheduled services for our guests as well as arrange private charter flights with RASair.


RASair is the company owned and operated Cessna 210 aircraft which is based at Remote Africa's private airstrip, Lukuzi, 10 minutesdrive from Tafika camp.

Guests may pre-book a short and very comfortable 15 minute air transfer between Mfuwe International Airport and Lukuzi in place of a 1 hour 30 minute road transfer.

The Cessna 210 comfortably accommodates four passengers. Lukuzi airstrip is easily accessible from Tafika and the Chikoko Trails Camps in South Luangwa, and a 30 minute hop from Mwaleshi Camp in the North Park. Very affordable flights for guests staying 3 nights or more at Remote Africa Camps are offered to destinations Mwaleshi, Mfuwe and Lower Zambezi for a minimum of two passengers. Otherwise normal charter rates apply.

A whole range of routes and travel packages including Zambia's far flung, lesser known destinations such as Bangweulu Swamps, ShiwaNg'andu and Kasanka National Park are possible as day trips out of Tafika, including a 1hour 30 minute air transfer between Tafika and the Lower Zambezi. It is possible for Tafika's guests to do a morning game viewing outing, fly to Lower Zambezi for lunch, enjoy an afternoon siesta and be ready for an afternoon drive from their Lower Zambezi camp, missing no game viewing opportunities!

For those who wish to reduce commuting time, charters from Lusaka International airport directly to our airstrip, Lukuzi, are reasonably affordable for groups of four people.

The availability of this aircraft is another example of Remote Africa Safaris' attention to detail and high standard of excellence. We trust that the aircraft contributes to a great safari experience through quick and efficient transfers.
RASair flight access map

Lukuzi - Mfuwe: 15min
Lukuzi - North Luangwa, Mwaleshi: 30min
Lukuzi - South Luangwa, Kapamba: 20min
Lukuzi - Lower Zambezi, Jeki: 1:30hrs
Lukuzi - Lower Zambezi, Royal: 1:45hrs

Lukuzi - Lusaka: 1:50hrs
Lukuzi - Kafue: 3:00hrs
Lukuzi - Shiwa Ng'andu: 45min
Lukuzi - Bangweulu, Chimbwe: 45min
Lukuzi - Kasanka: 50min
Lukuzi - Mpika: 30min
Lukuzi - Mfuwe-Kariba-Mana Pools: 2:20hrs
Lukuzi - Mfuwe-Lilongwe: 1:05hrs
Lukuzi - Mfuwe-Lilongwe-Likoma: 2:00hrs
For RASair rates, availability and bookings please contact
Passengers flying within Zambia please note the following points:
  • A $16 departure tax (subject to change) applies for all domestic departures within Zambia (some airlines include taxes in fees). This amount is payable locally in US dollars.
  • A $40 departure tax (subject to change) applies for international departures from Zambia (some airlines include taxes in fees). This amount is payable locally in US dollars. On some airlines this amount may have been prepaid.
  • Luggage allowances vary but, for flights on smaller aircraft, the weight limit is normally 23 kgs per person (15kg for charter flights). Luggage should be packed in soft bags.
  • Flight reservations can only be made for confirmed bookings.
  • Cancellation charges and flight restrictions will vary depending on the airline and routing. Details will be advised at the time of booking.
  • Discounts for children under 12 years of age, at the time of travel, may apply on some scheduled services.
  • All flights are subject to availability at the time of booking.

When to Travel


All of the Remote Africa Safaris camps are closed.

The wet season.
Average Temperature: 28°C | 82.4F

All of the Remote Africa Safaris camps are closed.

Birder's paradise.

Bird watching in February is excellent but, thanks to the abundance of water, mammals are significantly harder to see.

Highlight: The Yellow Billed Storks commence their nest building in the first week of February. Flying overhead, with their cargo of sticks and grass, they provide a fascinating scene of organized pandemonium.
Average Temperature: 28°C | 82.4F

All of the Remote Africa Safaris camps are closed.

Less rain more sun.

Fewer showers than during February and the temperature is pleasant.
Average Temperature: 28°C | 82.4F

All of the Remote Africa Safaris camps are closed.

No rain only sun.

The rains have dissipated and camp refurbishments begin in earnest.
Average Temperature: 27°C | 80.6F

Tafika Camp reopens on the 1st May.

Welcome back!

The vegetation is lush and green and both driving and walking safaris are possible. The game, in excellent condition,is a little shy after five months without visitors!

Highlight: Chikoko Trails Camps can be opened early for walking safaris.
Average Temperature: 25°C | 77F

Chikoko Trails Camps open on the 1st June so the walking trails are officially in full swing.

Mwaleshi Camp follows on the 15th June. Walking Camps Officially Open! Bird watching in June is excellent but, thanks to the abundance of water, mammals are a little more difficult to see. The vegetation is emerald green and game viewing is good. Leopards and lion viewings start to become more prevalent.Temperature starts to drop, with added crispness to early mornings and evenings.

Average Temperature: 22°C | 71.6F

All Remote Africa Safaris camps are now open!

The beginning of peak season...

Excellent all round game viewing with cold mornings and evenings, lows of 10°C.
Average Temperature: 22°C | 71.6F

All Remote Africa Safaris camps are open.

The end of Winter.

By mid-August our winter is over and the temperatures are very comfortable.

Highlight: August is officially peak season at Tafika.
Average Temperature: 26°C | 78.8F

All Remote Africa Safaris camps are open.

September is the peak month in the valley.

The game begins to congregate along the riverine area.

Highlight: Large herds of buffalo are building with lions in close pursuit.
Average Temperature: 30°C | 86F

Chikoko Walking Trails and Mwaleshi Camp close on the 31st October.

The drama of the first thunderstorms! This is the hottest month in the valley with temperatures of up to 39°C, in the shade. It is characterised by the build-up of clouds and the drama of the initial thunderstorms, which are a very exciting experience.

Highlight: After the first rains, a green hue bursts from the ground proudly pronouncing that the earth does indeed live!
Average Temperature: 33°C | 91.4F

Tafika is the only camp still open in the Nsefu sector until November the 15th.

Have the whole area to yourself.

Highlight:During November the impalas drop their young within days of each other; and for the duration of the month the bush comes alive with nursery groups ambling around within hours of their birth.
Average Temperature: 28°C | 82.4F

All of the Remote Africa Safaris camps are closed due to the rain.

The rains settle in ...

The Remote Africa Safaris' general staff go back to tending to their fields of maize and millet over this period.
Average Temperature: 30°C | 86F

What to Pack


Travel Light but don't forget the following:

  • Binoculars
  • Camera (with spare batteries)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent (mainly for mosquitoes)
  • Warm jacket for months of June and July (it is very cold on drives early morning and at sunset)
  • Neutral coloured clothing (not white) for walking safaris
  • Comfortable light-weight walking shoes
  • Torch (with spare batteries)

  • Hat or cap
  • US Dollars cash in most recent notes with big heads. Airport departure taxes at present (subject to change) are $40 for International Departures and $16 for Domestic Flight Departures (some airlines include taxes in fees). The Zambian Entrance Visa is $50 per person and it is payable on entry
  • Laundry is done daily in all the camps so travel light
  • If traveling on small light aircraft pack luggage in soft bags. The weight should not exceed 15kg per person
  • For easy online shopping of safari goods contact "The Safari Store" at

What to Expect


Hippo and Bird sounds, and a friendly morning knock on the door

Light continental breakfast

Morning Game Viewing: Tafika :
Walk, drive
Chikoko Trails & Mwaleshi :
Walk the footpaths

Midday Lunch:

Early Afternoon:
Rest, read, write, visit one of Tafika's hides/blinds

Afternoon Tea
Tea/coffee and delicious freshly baked cakes

Afternoon Game Viewing:
Chikoko Trails & Mwaleshi :
Walk until sunset
Tafika :
Evening game drive with sundowners and spotlight viewing after dark, mountain bike safaris from 4-6pm

Enjoy pre-dinner drinks and scrumptious snacks at the bar

Three course meal beneath the stars

Cotton sheets and romantic mosquito nets, lion roars and hyena whoops

Photographic Tips



  • Two main choices:
    • Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
      • Main advantage: can change lenses from wide angle to telephoto
    • Point and Shoot
      • Easy to use with a zoom lens
  • TIP: Spend more money on the lens than the camera.


  • For close up shots use Macro or Extension tubes (use a tripod with these lenses)
  • Wide angle (18mm-50mm) - best for landscapes.
  • Telephoto (80mm-300mm)- lenses bigger than 300mm require a tripod or bean bag (bean bags are supplied in all game viewing cars).

Camera Bag

  • Protection for your camera and equipment is necessary.


  • Travel with spares, and if rechargeable still have spares as some camps have no charging facilities. Batteries can only be recharged at Tafika.


  • Don't forget a blower, brush and cloth to clean off the dust.


  • A good tripod may be difficult to travel with- bean bags are provided, and a tripod may be borrowed if needed.


  • Polarizing filters increase colour contrast saturation, remove reflection and darken blue skies (although they may absorb some of the light)
  • Manual focus cameras use a Linear Polarizer
  • Most auto focus cameras use a Circular Polarizer.

Check In

  • Remember to take your camera and equipment on the plane as carry on luggage!

Quick Facts

Owner Run Operation
Accommodation: made of local materials such as thatch, reeds, poles etc
  • Tafika Camp :
    Six chalets
  • Chikoko Camps :
    Three chalets in each Chikoko Tree Camp and Crocodile River Camp
  • Mwaleshi Camp :
    Four chalets.

Child Policy :
  • Tafika Camp :
    Under 10 accepted at management discretion
    Given separate meals at dinner
    Parents are advised to pre-book private game viewing
    vehicles for maximum flexibility
  • Chikoko Camps :
    Minimum age 12 years
  • Mwaleshi Camp :
    Minimum age 12 years
  • Children must be 12 years or older for all walking activities.

Malaria Area

Private Vehicle/Private Guide
  • Can be requested at time of booking
    • Daily rate is charged per vehicle/guide.

Battery Charging
  • Tafika Camp and Mwaleshi Camp only (220V).
  • Batteries at the Chikoko Trails Camps, that require charging, can be charged at Tafika.

  • US $ Cash is the currency of preference
    • Notes must be new with big heads (older notes not accepted by Zambian banks due to high incidence of counterfeit money)
    • Visa/Master Card are accepted at Tafika.

  • Required for most passports
    • Single entry visa costs US$50 per person at the point of entry to Zambia.

Airport Meet and Greet
  • To be pre-booked with your agent or Remote Africa Safaris at the time of booking.

Airport Information
  • Mfuwe International Airport has customs and immigration facilities
  • Airport Taxes paid on departure only
    • Flights departing for a destination within Zambia US$16 per person dependent on the airline you are flying with.
    • Flights departing for an international destination US$40 per person dependent on the airline you are flying with.

Flying within Zambia
  • Luggage allowance on smaller aircraft is 12kg per person, to be packed in soft bags
  • Flight reservations can only be made for confirmed bookings
  • Cancellation charges and flight restrictions will be advised at time of booking
  • Discounts for children under 12 years may apply on some scheduled services
  • All flights subject to availability at time of booking

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2 Exquisite camps in a walking paradise

Tafika Camp

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