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Perseverance pays off

2016 They say you can’t change a leopard’s spots… but unfortunate instances such as snare damage are a real risk to all animals. It is unsure whether this particular male leopard lost his paw to a snare, or was born with this condition, but what we do know is that he has shown some serious […]

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Baby boom for the Storks

Remote Africa Safaris is lucky to have virtually exclusive access to the amazing Stork Colony in South Luangwa National Park’s Nsefu Sector, during the early season. These yellow-billed storks can number into the thousands in some years. The 2020 boom The rainfall in 2020 was high, causing the banks of the mighty Luangwa River to […]

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A bird’s eye view

An overview Getting back into the Valley each year is really exciting and the team are always itching to get out and see what has changed in the 6 months of our absence. There are few better ways to do this than by air to gain a great overview. One of the big attractions in […]

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