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Sunny endings

Leopard, wild dogs, hyena and a golden sunrise

An unlucky puku On an evening patrol drive, I came across a leopard hunting. While she was patiently stalking a small herd of female puku in an opening, a large male puku flushed from his dambo territory patch and ran right across her path. Not looking the gift horse in the mouth, she launched herself […]

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Perseverance pays off

2016 They say you can’t change a leopard’s spots… but unfortunate instances such as snare damage are a real risk to all animals. It is unsure whether this particular male leopard lost his paw to a snare, or was born with this condition, but what we do know is that he has shown some serious […]

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Baby boom for the Storks

Remote Africa Safaris is lucky to have virtually exclusive access to the amazing Stork Colony in South Luangwa National Park’s Nsefu Sector, during the early season. These yellow-billed storks can number into the thousands in some years. The 2020 boom The rainfall in 2020 was high, causing the banks of the mighty Luangwa River to […]

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The hippo, the crocs, the lions, the stork and the Rugby World Cup 2019..

Our last week at Tafika has been packed with action. It has been wrapping up guest visits, de-camping and stock taking, of course watching the 2019 Rugby World Cup Finals and enjoying our last moments with the Luangwa Wildlife before departing for the off-season. These lions had been around for a few weeks, and I […]

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It’s a dogs world

Toward the end of the 2019 safari season at Remote Africa Safaris, I was in the back seat of the microlight around sunrise, taking in the last days of being in the Luangwa Valley for many months to come. It is a place that I, along with most people that visit, have come to love […]

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