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Sunny endings

Microlighting at Nature’s Pace

Tafika Camp office has a stunning old photograph of John Coppinger in his microlight with a lion sitting on the bank, looking on. I have always admired this photographed and wondered at how intimately the lives of the wildlife in the Luangwa are entwined with the communities and tourists that venture along the valley floor. […]

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A roaring breakfast

Yesterday morning we were treated to a testosterone-driven display. Hearing lions calling at night is a regular sound heard from most of our camps in the Luangwa Valley. But last night was particularly noisy. At sunrise around the breakfast we continued listening to the roars. I looked across the river, and saw a male lion […]

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Takwela through a lens

We recently got a camera to send around with our guides to afford them the opportunity to dabble in photography, as well as to get regular images from our camps. These are a few of the images from Takwela Camp in North Luangwa, run by guide Alex Phiri. Takwela is Remote Africa’s newest addition to […]

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Tafika Elephant Hide

We are incredibly fortunate to have a lovely natural depression in front of Tafika Camp which holds water until reasonably late in the season. This water, along with the rising temperatures and the ripening of seed pods and fruits in a number of trees bring regular family groups of elephants to the camp. Tafika Camp […]

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