Remote Africa Safaris is the authentic and inspiring African Safari experience.

Located in the vast and game-abundant Luangwa Valley of Eastern Zambia, Remote Africa Safaris offers guests access to secluded camps and excellent game viewing opportunities.

Four intimate camps, built entirely by local villagers from natural materials, present comfortable accommodation for six to twelve guests. Here - thanks to the perfect simplicity of the experience - stress evaporates and guests are afforded the opportunity to reconnect with nature uncompromised.

The setting, the phenomenal array of fauna and flora, the extensive variety of unusual safari related activities and the constant involvement of the owners - John and Carol Coppinger and Bryan Jackson - ensure that the Remote Africa Safaris offering is a captivating and rewarding nature-based experience.

John Coppinger

John is an owner of Remote Africa Safaris. He is also a highly respected guide and operator.
John was born and raised in Zambia and educated in Zimbabwe. Has worked around the globe and, in 1984, he returned to Zambia to pursue his dream of working with wildlife.

John worked for 12 years in the Luangwa Valley before creating Remote Africa Safaris, with his wife Carol, in 1995.Tafika remains the home of John, Carol and their two daughters.

Carol Coppinger

Carol is an owner of Remote Africa Safaris. She is responsible for the company accounts and, in addition, she tirelessly manages the Tafika Fund.
Carol was born and raised in South Africa and she moved to the Luangwa, with John, in 1984. Both of Carol and John's daughters were born and raised in the valley and both were home schooled until entering boarding school in 2001.

As a qualified radiographer, with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, Carol's medical and computer background add to the varied pool of skills available to the Remote Africa Team.

Bryan Jackson

Bryan is a co-owner of Remote Africa Safaris and is the Safari Manager for the operation.
He is a New Zealander by birth and first visited Africa in the 1970's. He never left and has been guiding in the Luangwa Valley for over 20 years.

Based at Tafika, Bryan not only contributes significantly to Remote Africa's guiding experience, but also provides photographic expertise for specialized photographic safaris. His wildlife photography has been honed by years of practice and a talented eye. Much of his work provides the face for Remote Africa's website and social media.

During the off-season Bryan resides in Cape Town from where he organises the occasional expedition to Central Africa for adventurous clients.

Isaac Zulu

Isaac is an experienced walking guide.
Isaac was schooled in Zimbabwe and trained as an Agriculturalist in Zambia. He worked in Lochinvar as Assistant Ecologist and then joined Norman Carr's safari operation in Luangwa in 1974. Isaac guided at Chibembe, in South Luangwa, for 15 years followed by six years of guiding at Tongabezi in the Zambezi Valley.

Isaac spent time in northern Kafue before returning to the Luangwa, in 2001, when he joined the Remote Africa Safaris team.

Rona Leppens

Cuisine and purchasing.
Rona, originally a Biology teacher at Durban Girls High School in South Africa, joined the Remote Africa Safaris team in 2002. She is responsible for purchasing and oversees the excellent cuisine throughout the camps.

Rona has had many years of experience running Zambian safari operations including the 1992 setup of the Lunga River Lodge in Kafue.

Her knowledge of the night sky is excellent.

Alex Phiri

Walking safari guide.
Alex is a trained guide who has worked at Remote Africa Safaris since 2003. He has worked up the ranks from tea bearer to guide, a position he has permanently held after completing the Luangwa Valley guiding exam in 2007. Alex graduated to a walking guide in 2010.

Born a member of the Bisa Tribe, in Mkasanga Village, Alex's father worked as an electrician and handyman for the Coppingers during their early years in the Luangwa Valley.

Linda Shenton

Reservations and Marketing Manager.
Linda joined the Remote Africa Safaris team, as Reservations Consultant, in June 2008.

Linda was born and raised in Zambia and is based in Lusaka.

She has assisted the Zambian Tourist Board, worked at both Kakuli and Mchenja camps (in 1988) and - for a time - she owned and operated Bridge Camp on the Luangwa River with her husband, Rolf. Linda frequently visited Luangwa as a child.

Linda's in depth knowledge of Zambia is a great asset in the organisation of the Remote Africa Safaris guests' itineraries

Heather Mansfield

Reservations and Marketing Assistant
Heather was born in Malawi and spent 24 years in Australia.

While in Australia Heather was Western Australia's State Manager for Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

Heather returned to Africa to join Remote Africa Safaris, as a reservations and marketing consultant, in 2007. During the season Heather is responsible for hosting and housekeeping at Tafika, assisting Bryan with the Remote Africa logistics.

Amon Zulu

Walking safari guide
Amon Zulu is a qualified driving guide who has worked his way through the ranks at Tafika, having been educated through the Tafika Fund Sponsorship programme. He is a popular young man with a sparkling sense of humour. His wildlife knowledge and enthusiasm are excellent.

Lloyd Mwale

Driving guide at Tafika
Lloyd worked for Remote Africa Safaris for thirteen years before his enthusiasm for wildlife led him to write his guiding exam in 2011. Lloyd worked as a waiter, spotter, driver and Chikoko Camp supervisor before becoming a guide. Now he guides driving safaris at Tafika where his sensitivity to nature and love of the Luangwa is shared with many.

Moffat Mwanza

Driving guide at Tafika
Moffat completed his guide’s licence in 2013 and is one of the latest additions to the guiding team. He is from Mkungule near Mpika and has spent the last four years in Mwaleshi Camp in the North Park as the camp host and trainee guide. Now a qualified driving guide, Moffat’s friendly nature and wildlife knowledge add great value to the team.

Brent Harris

Walking safari guide
Brent grew up in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. His fascination with nature led him on a formative solo adventure through the Amazon and into a privileged bond rehabilitating a Puma in the rainforests of Bolivia. He has worked passionately as a guide and manager at numerous camps throughout Southern Africa, spending the last five years focused on Zambia.

In the off-season Brent leads groups to various wildlife destinations in Africa and speaks on nature related topics in the USA. When not in the bush you can find him happily surfing the waves of Hawaii.

Mukupa Ben Zulu

Driving guide
Mukupa Ben is a qualified driving guide and is always thrilled to share his wildlife knowledge. He was initially sponsored by the Tafika Fund as a teacher at Mkasanga Basic School before joining Remote Africa as a tea bearer. Mukupa gained much of his bush knowhow from extensive first hand experience. His vibrant character and fire making skill, creating fire using sticks and elephant dung, never fail to impress.

Mukupa’s father, Ben Zulu, is a longstanding staff member and has worked as a watchman for Remote Africa’s since the 90’s. We are always happy to welcome the next generation into the team.


Pilot for Cessna 210
Having a passion for aviation and a love for adventure, Tom started training directly after school to pursue a career as a pilot. For the last year and a half he has been taking tourists over Namibia for spectacular scenic flights. For more about Tom, read up on his blog.

Christine Coppinger

Ecologist and General Assistant
Christine is a Tafika local, having grown up in camp. She has spent the last ten years completing her studies at Rhodes University in South Africa and has a Masters degree in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science. After a further two year stint working for a conservation NGO in South Africa, she has returned to her home-ground in Zambia, not having been able to shake bush bug.

Bruce Ellender

Ecologist and Environmental Advisor
Bruce spent his early years in the mountains of Lesotho where he took an interest early on in freshwaters and their slippery inhabitants – fish. Despite not being your typical paper pusher, Bruce’s fish fetish lead him to obtain an Honours, Masters and PhD in ichthyology and Fisheries Science at Rhodes University in South Africa. Being a tinkerer at heart, he has many other interests including, mountain biking, water skiing, wood-work, leather-work, kloofing... the list goes on. Bruce’s passion for the bush and the outdoors lured him to Zambia.

Stephan Banda

Walking Safari Guide
Stephen is a seasoned Luangwa Valley guide, having worked with John and Carol in the safari business since the 80s. He worked his way up through the ranks at Chibembe Lodge where he passed his safari guides license in the early 90s. Stephen took a short sabbatical from Remote Africa, to experience the Kafue National Park. Remote Africa welcomed him back for the 2016 season.

Remote Africa Staff

Remote Africa Safaris works closely with the local community, employing approximately 90 people from the local village of Mkasanga.

During the operational season Tafika Camp has over 65 staff. These staff are employed in the kitchens, gardens, the guest and staff rooms, the workshop and the stores.

Each Remote Africa Safaris Walking Camp has its own chef, waiter, bedroom attendant, two general workers and a tea bearer.

Mwaleshi has seven permanent camp workers and a permanent manager/guide.

In addition the Tafika Fund permanently employs four teachers and a watchman - to assist in the Mkasanga School - and a lady assistant for the medical officer at the local Outpatient Clinic.