Tafika, Chikoko Bush Camp, and Crocodile River Camp - almost the complete set

    by Nick & Marilyn

    Carol, John, Bryan, Heather, Isaac and indeed the entire Team – a Huge Thank you for
    a great Visit – an entire week of delightful experiences. From the (micro)light flights to
    the walks (Chikoko & Croc), to the drives etc we had a blast. Fabulous sightings that
    have made a few folks decidedly jealous (Honey Badger in broad daylight and a
    Pennant-winged Nightjar, for example). Fortunately Photographic evidence and eye-
    witness accounts saved the day and our ‘cred’. Now have thousands of Photos to
    sort – any hints on How to load them (ex-Lightroom) onto an IPAD and in a specific
    order would be marvelous !! Thank you so much once again and have a great
    break/off-Season and super Festive break. PS. Still waiting to hear by EMail from
    ZAWA Tim – Pls pass on our warmest regards.

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    Memorable days

    by Daillencourt

    Already a month since we left Tafika and the fond memories of our wonderful stay is a
    good antidote to the rather uninspiring atmosphere prevailing in London. Sure I don’t
    have to spend the night with a whistle in my mouth and one torch in each hand waiting
    for an intruding Hipo to enter the room…but I miss the excitement too. The whole
    Luangwa river experience in your camps was a perfect setting for a special occasion.
    You and your team are doing a wonderful job.

    All the best,

    Stephane and Magali

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    Experience was brilliant

    by Cliff Wallace

    John, Carol and Brian,

    We continue to sort through the photos (and aerial videos from micro-lighting) that we made during our 10 day stay with you in the 4 camps (August 2011). We can not stop talking about it or sharing with others. The experience was brilliant. The attention and dedication of your ENTIRE team exceeded providing great service; all of you achieved a unique level of care that was simply extraordinary. The game, walks, rides, flights, meals, cabins, food, camp setting, and quality of all amenities were just superb. We shall return and we are sure that others with whom we share our experience will have reason to consider visiting with you.

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    Our Trip

    by Arvind Amersey

    Dear John,

    Hi ! This is Arvind Amersey and we had visited your lovely camp a few weeks back. We had a wonderful stay and enjoyed every moment of our trip. Jay especially enjoyed all your various activities.

    I have an idea to write an article about our stay in your lovely camp in a prominent travel magazine in India. Lately safari is becoming popular in India and articles on Botswana, East Africa, etc are appearing in travel magazines. I attach the write-up and with your permission, I would approach the magazines to try and publish the article.

    We really enjoyed and miss Carol and your warm hospitality. A Big Hello to Carol from us.

    Kind regards,

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    Amazing Trip

    by Letizia & Thierry Grosso

    So here we are, back home! It was an AMAZING trip. Everything went perfectly well and we loved everything we did and we saw!

    The highlight (if we really had to choose one) was probably Tafika. We fell in love with this place and we did not want to leave!! I really hope to go back there with my kids one day…

    So thank you for helping me organise this wonderful trip! Thierry had the birthday of his dream!!

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