Pink Nose

Guide: Bryan
Outgoing: Drives
Camp: Tafika

I’m sure most of you have been following Pink Nose our very relaxed Leopard through the photos each month on the game viewing diaries.

Here’s an update for 2018

For those of you interested a film crew (Lianne& Will) followed Pink Nose last year and are following her again this season. I’ve seen the promo, there’s some amazing footage. The intention is to have a full documentary out in 2019.

Her cub from last year, who is about 18 months old is on her own and doing OK, apparently she chased a Hyeana for about 2km trying to get her kill back a few weeks ago.

We think Pink Nose may have new cub/cubs, no one has seen them yet, but she keeps coming back to a hollow tree and going inside and she looks like she is lactating.

Here’s a few photos of her on the hunt and killing.

_DSC7715 _DSC7718 _DSC7720 _DSC7723 _DSC7726 _DSC7727 _DSC7728 _DSC7729