Photos for the last 2 weeks of August

Guide: Bryan
Outgoing: Drives
Camp: Tafika

Lots happening in the last weeks of August.

The Sausage Trees have started dropping flowers, all the antelope can be seen first thing in the morning eating the flowers as fast as they can.

Wild dogs on the Tafika property.

2 Male Lions at the Salt Pan fighting with the females and killing a cub_DSC8931._DSC8956 _DSC8961 _DSC8966 _DSC8970 _DSC8979 _DSC8986 _DSC9002 _DSC9005 _DSC9008 _DSC9010 _DSC9012 _DSC9020 _DSC9040 _DSC9042 _DSC9047 _DSC9049