Photos for the first week of October.

Guide: Bryan
Outgoing: Tafika hide
Camp: Tafika

We’ve had Lions all around camp for the past week, feeding on a dead Hippo up stream from camp. All the action can be seen from your arm chair during breakfast. The nights are very noisy with different lions coming and going all calling, Hyena calling and the ever hopeful Leopard coming to have a look, Baboons and Vervet monkeys are not sleeping very well at night.

Elephants are coming to the water hole at the same time every day, just before lunch. They are having a wonderful time rolling around in the mud then moving slightly closer to the hide to drink cleaner water, they are very fussy about the drinking water._DSC6440 _DSC6445 _DSC6461 _DSC6461a _DSC6503 _DSC6477 _DSC6481 _DSC6493