Night Drive

Guide: Mukupa
Outgoing: Night Drive
Camp: Tafika

Just at the entrance to the park we found 1 big male Lion watching about 400 Buffalo heading to the river, being by himself he was very wary of the big bulls so just watched from a distance waiting to see if one Buffalo wondered off by itself.

We watched for about 20mins then headed for sundowners.

After finishing sundowners we started back toward the camp, on the way we came across a female Leopard with a 4-5 month old cub.  In a tree nearby, another Leopard was feeding on an Impala kill. The Leopard with the cub climbed the tree and chased the other Leopard, there was a short fight and the leopard without the cub fall out of the tree and ran off into the bush.

Outside the park very close to Tafika we came across a big male Leopard drinking at the back lagoon, as he moved away from us we could see he was limping, his right front foot looked injured.