Guide: Bryan
Outgoing: Drives
Camp: Tafika

We have had a good year for Leopard cubs, 4 females have 1 cub each in our driving area, all cubs are about 4-5 months now. We don’t see them all the time but every now and then the mothers will be seen walking their cub to a new kill up a tree or under a dense bush. This means we get to see the cubs for a couple of days while they feed.


The cubs have settled down over the last few months and are now semi used to the game drive vehicles and can be seen early mornings sitting in a tree or on the ground in the open. All the guides know not to approach too close so as not to scare the cubs.


Planning for the future, if the cubs are not pushed too hard by the guides trying to get that special photo for their guests then the cub will not feel threatened by vehicles as it gets older, this will give everyone a chance to get that special photo in the future.


Our one very relaxed female (Pink Nose) has 1 cub this year; she lost her first cub last season so is a little more cautious this year. Because she is so relaxed everyone (guides from far away camps, our guides, film crews etc) tries to find her and get close, she has now moved her cub to a new area which has thicker bush and fewer roads making it much harder to see her, this is a pity as I was hoping that her cub would also be relaxed, like Pink Nose with vehicles over time. It may still happen, you never know.