July in Mwaleshi

Guide: Stephen Banda
Outgoing: Walking safaris
Camp: Mwaleshi

I arrived in the North Luangwa on 2 July 2019, a long time since I left in 2013 when I used to manage Mwaleshi Camp. Arriving late morning we drove to camp for lunch. My guests decided to chill in the afternoon. The following morning we went for a walk. We heard impala alarm calling and we went to check what was happening. There was one lioness stalking one of the impalas. The lioness disappeared so we followed her and in the end we heard a screaming sound. We found that it was a buffalo being attacked by 10 lions at a small water hole. We watched for at least half an hour. The following day we saw two different herds of buffalo. Then the other days we saw wildebeest, puku, kudu and lots of elephant. After three nights the camp was empty so I went home for few days on leave. 

I came back on 9 July. The next day 5 guests arrived late morning. That same day during the afternoon walk, we saw a leopard lying on the sand and was very relaxed. We also saw elephants with young ones. One morning we decided to walk to the Mwaleshi and Luangwa river confluence. During our walk we saw crocodiles, a hyena and several bird species included yellow billed storks. At the confluence we saw more crocs and the huge pod of hippos that live at the confluence.