Dogs, Leopards and stolen kills

Guide: Bryan
Outgoing: Drives
Camp: Tafika

I swopped cars with Stephen so he could transfer his guests to another lodge, when we met he told me they had been watching Wild Dogs most of the morning so I headed to where he had last seen them.

I found them lying in the shade close to the river, the Vultures in the trees gave them away. They had blood all around their faces so must have just killed something, with 15 of them there was nothing left of the kill. _DSC6000 _DSC6006

I watched for about 10mins when I heard the Vervet monkeys alarm calling I thought that the monkeys were calling because of the Dogs. All of a sudden the Dogs just took off, I couldn’t see what they were chasing they ran straight at a large termite mound with an Ebony tree coming out if it, I drove close to see what they were looking up at and found a Leopard sitting at the top of the tree growling, she must have come along to see why the Vultures were hanging around or heard the kill happen and came to see if she could get some left overs. The dogs after a while lost interest and went back to the shade of the tree, the monkeys stopped calling everything was peaceful again._DSC6002 _DSC6015

I left with the intention of coming back to find them in the evening.

When I came back in the evening I had a full car, a staff drive, we had a couple of road blokes with Elephants on the drive way. _DSC6017

The dogs were under the same tree waking up getting ready for the late afternoon activities. They ran off breaking up into smaller groups which made it difficult to follow. We did see lots of Impala running flat out in all directions, antelope just run when they see the dogs there’s no alarm calls just get out of there as fast as you can._DSC6027 _DSC6034

We watched a big group of Elephant cross the river and join up with another group._DSC6041

It was getting dark so started for home at Kavula we saw a Leopard with a fresh Impala kill, she was standing there over the kill resting after dragging it out of a steep gully, then dragged it to a tree but just didn’t have the strength to take it up the tree she started to feed, we had been watching her for a good 30mins so decided to leave her alone. We heard from the other game drives that Hyena had stolen her kill and she was out hunting again._DSC6043 _DSC6049 _DSC6054