Captured in ink

Guide: Lloyd Mwale and Stephen Banda
Outgoing: Art
Camp: Chikoko, Crocodile and Tafika

We loved meeting Peter and Coco who visited the Tafika and the Chikoko Trails camps this month.┬áPeter is an interior designer and couldn’t resist bringing his art pens along on safari and did some beautiful sketches of the three camps.

Thanks so much Peter for sharing your stunning sketches them with us. Take a look at the Remote Africa camps in ink!

Tafika sitenje_Peter Webber

The Tafika sitenje

Tafika camp chalet_Peter Webber

A Tafika chalet

Tafika Camp swing_Peter Webber

Tafika – hammock overlooking the river.

Chikoko chalet_Peter Webber

Chikoko Tree camp chalet

Chikoko sitenje from the lounge_Peter Webber

Chikoko Tree camp view from the lounge

Chikoko sitenje_Peter Webber

Chikoko Tree camp sitenje

Crocodile camp chalet_Peter Webber

Crocodile camp chalet

Crocodile sitenje_Peter Webber

Crocodile camp sitenje