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Walking Safaris
/ 08 yJuly 2019

Walking Safaris

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Unparalleled and pure walking safaris in remote areas of the Luangwa Valley. Enjoy an intimate safari experience tracking wild animals on natural wildlife trails through wilderness that is only accessible on foot and untarnished by vehicle tracks.

Walking safaris are always lead by an experienced Remote Africa Safaris guide, an armed National Park scout and accompanied by a tea bearer. Morning walks are approximately 4 hours long with a pace set by the present walkers. Enjoy a rest along the way for a hot cup of tea or coffee and sweet treat alongside a lagoon and soak up the natural surrounds.

The Chikoko Trails walking safari area was identified by Norman Carr as a prime walking area, the Chikoko Camp site identified as his own chosen walking campsite in the ‘60s. On foot guests are given the rare opportunity to experience the bush at nature’s pace and to be immersed in the wonders that present themselves at every turn. Go back in time and learn how to make fire the natural way with some sticks, elephant dung and a touch of skill.

Discover the delights of the bush, from the fascinating insects that live within animal droppings, tiny elephant shrews, delicate wide-eyed antelope to towering giraffe, enormous elephant and huge herds of buffalo with prides of lion in tow. Predators become the prey as you track lion’s prints from the night before to their resting place of that day.

Available at: Tafika Camp, Chikoko Tree Camp, Big Lagoon Camp, Mwaleshi Camp & Takwela Camp

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