Over and above the memorable camps, which offer starry night vistas from the comfort of each chalet, Remote Africa Safaris offers a host of unusual activities ranging from the physical: cycling and walking safaris, to the less active and more cultural: day & night game drives and photographic safaris. All of these add to a guests' experience, providing a unique immersion in the safari experience.

Day & Night Drives


Remote Africa Safaris game drives accommodate a maximum of four guests per vehicle guaranteeing unobstructed viewing and photography and enabling all guests on board to share in the knowledge and insights of our skilful guides. Game drives from Tafika take place in the morning and late afternoon. Night drives stop for a sundowner before dedicated spotters seek out nocturnal wildlife with a spotlight, allowing the guide to pay full attention to the safety and comfort of their guests.

Walking Safaris


Our three exclusive bush camps, Chikoko, Crocodile and Mwaleshi, offer an unparalleled walking safari experience in some of the remotest parts of the Luangwa Valley. Each camp accommodates a maximum of six guests, ensuring an intimate safari experience, tracking game on existing animal trails through wilderness that is only accessible on foot.

It is an exciting adventure where new levels of life are constantly discovered ... from the fascinating insects that live within animal droppings to tiny elephant shrews, delicate wide-eyed antelope, enormous giraffe and more. On foot guests are given the rare opportunity to experience the bush at nature’s pace and to be immersed in the wonders that present themselves at every turn.

Walking safaris are always lead by an experienced Remote Africa Safaris guide, an armed National Park scout and accompanied by a tea bearer.

Tafika Camp also offers morning or afternoon walks for a maximum of 6 guests.

Children under the age of 12 are unfortunately not able to take part in walking safaris at Remote Africa Safaris.

Mountain Bike Safari


Mountain bike safaris are available from Tafika Camp for the more active safari goer, accompanied by an experienced guide – usually the owner, John Coppinger.

The route followed takes the safari cyclists along the tracks and paths of the Game Management Area, adjacent to Tafika Camp, and into the park along the main roads.

Rides are approximately 1½ hours in duration and generally take place in the afternoon, giving participating guests enough time to join the night drive just before sunset. Shorter rides can be combined with a cultural visit to the local Mkasanga Village.

Mountain bike safaris do not need to be booked in advance. All equipment is supplied by Remote Africa Safaris.

Cultural Visits


Africa is a continent rich with people and their respective cultures.

From Tafika Camp, there is the opportunity for a cultural visit to Mkasanga Village where the school is supported by Remote Africa Safaris in the form of educational materials, teachers’ salaries and pupils’ scholarships. Highlights of these visits include a guided tour of the school and the village, with an introduction into the daily lives of Mkasanga residents.

Guests are always welcomed at Mkasanga with great enthusiasm and plenty of smiles and the local choir delights in the opportunity to serenade visitors with the harmonies of Africa.

Chikoko Camps

2 Exquisite camps in a walking paradise

Tafika Camp

Exceptional game viewing and exciting activities

Mwaleshi Camp

Experience the freedom of Africa's wilderness