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August 2011

The Unique Challenges of the Safari Tourism Industry by John Coppinger

We’re rather fussy when it comes to the terminology used in describing what we do in the safari tourist industry. We definitely do not consider ourselves hoteliers, operating hotels or resorts. We are safari operators… …


A new season has begun

Tafika opened on 1st May and we have already welcomed our first guests and all too soon said farewell! Gameviewing this early in the season has been good, with some excellent sightings from the microlight… …


One Life Photographic Competition

Bryan Jackson, our resident expert guide and photographer, has entered a portfolio of his photographs from Mkasanga Village in the One Life photographic competition. Should Bryan be fortunate enough to win any prize he will… …


Our Hides

At the start of each season our Safari Manager, Bryan Jackson, sets out to locate the best possible sites for hides to offer our guests ideal bird and game viewing opportunities. Some are rebuilt in… …