Camp building went smoothly with all of our camps meticuloulsy hand crafted with skilled hands. We're also proud of our new garden which is fruiting abundantly.

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Enjoy a taster of what Zambia's wildlife has to offer...
Compiled by Zambia Tourism

Zambia Wildlife Sightings - Teaser


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Enjoying the beautiful light and clear evenings of May and all the Luangwa has to offer.
Thanks to Aidan Hogg for the lovely photos.

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Our Mwaleshi Camp in the North Luangwa is handcrafted by the local people using natural materials - enjoy a rustic bush experience whilst still enjoying all the luxuries expected on safari.

11 Spectacular Eco-Conscious Safari Spots


We list eleven of our favourite – and most spectacular – safari destinations that are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability, community participation and

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John and Carol are back in the Luangwa to prepare for the coming season.

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An fleeting view of a lovely Malachite kingfisher.

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We're looking forward to finalising camp building and opening later this month. The roads will be transformed into freshly graded dry trails unlike a few months ago (as you can see moving around during the emerald season is quite an adventure in the bush).

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Get your walking boots out for an authentic walking experience at the Chikoko Trails bush camps #remoteafricasafaris

Classic Portfolio

"There are no jeeps on this Zambia safari - just feet." - Patricia Leigh Brown for the Boston Globe.

Read more about the experience at Remote Africa Safaris's Chikoko Walking Trails here: http://www.classic-portfolio.com/sales-tips/where-leopards-rule-the-night

#walking #adventure

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Remote Africa Safaris shared Africa Geographic's post.

Africa Geographic

NORTH LUANGWA – an intimate walking safari in one of Zambia's last remaining wilderness areas. Read more in our latest issue: http://magazine.africageographic.com/weekly/issue-146/north-luangwa-on-foot/

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We're looking forward to a new season! Catch up with our latest news...

Back to the Bush!


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