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NORTH LUANGWA – an intimate walking safari in one of Zambia's last remaining wilderness areas. Read more in our latest issue: http://magazine.africageographic.com/weekly/issue-146/north-luangwa-on-foot/

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We're looking forward to a new season! Catch up with our latest news...

Back to the Bush!


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Good news for Africa’s elephants: China is losing its taste for ivory


A new report shows the price of ivory in China is plummeting as the government closes down factories.

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Puku are often overlooked as a common Luangwa species but Zambia is one of the few countries where the Puku population is strong and on the rise.

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The perfect spot for an afternoon siesta at Crocodile River Camp.

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Can anybody identify this lovely pair?

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River crossing...one of the few instances where hippo are dwarfed by another animal.

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Another spectacular sunset from Tafika Camp.

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