The perfect spot for an afternoon siesta at Crocodile River Camp.

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Can anybody identify this lovely pair?

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River crossing...one of the few instances where hippo are dwarfed by another animal.

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Another spectacular sunset from Tafika Camp.

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"There are no jeeps on this Zambia safari — just feet", thanks to Patty for sharing the intimate walking experience she had with us on The Boston Globe

There are no jeeps on this Zambia safari — just feet - The Boston Globe


Perfumed with DEET, I tried hard not to think about the plan for the day: Tracking lions on foot in the wild.

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Become part of the night life of South Luangwa with the help of experienced guides and spotters.

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Weekend dreaming? Here's a glimpse into Remote Africa Safaris

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All our UK followers: I hope you are watching this wonderful first episode from the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Home to The Bushcamp Company and Remote Africa Safaris. If not, catch up!

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